“Management Week” is a seminar series organised on a yearly basis by the Tomar Business School (ESGT-IPT) with the aim of disseminating and sharing knowledge with the academic community, businesses and the wider society.

This 11th Management Week is centred around the theme "Strategic courses of action: Start up and Re-start" and includes diverse panels with the participation of prestigious speakers, who will present success stories based on innovative ideas for the creation of own business or the adoption of a differentiated management approach. The seminars also include proposed presentations which will be evaluated through a blind review by the scientific committee and included in the proceedings with an ISBN number (see Session Papers).

Presentations will enable students to make contact with different approaches and perspectives on topics of crucial interest to their training and future professional career such as online businesses, creative cities, internationalization, people management and teamwork, with entrepreneurship and innovation as a cross-cutting theme.

We want this event to be an initiative to develop the entrepreneurial spirit of our students, helping them to take a creative and proactive attitude in shaping their future and perhaps in creating their own jobs.

The whole academic community and interested stakeholders from business, institutions and the civil society are called upon to join us in this space of reflection, debate and  exchange of ideas and experiences.

This event is included in the celebrations of the Global Understanding International Year.

Francisco Carvalho (PhD)
ESGT Director