“Management Week” is a seminar series organised on a yearly basis by the Tomar Business School (ESGT-IPT) with the aim of disseminating and sharing knowledge with the academic community, businesses and the wider society.

Organised under the motto "Industry 4.0, challenges and opportunities.", the 13th edition of the Management Week includes a wide range of panels with the participation of prestigious speakers, who will present cases and challenges that will arise for C.E.O.s in a near future.  Awareness of these trends and challenges will help the participants to devise new perspectives, concepts and approaches.

The seminars also include proposed presentations which will be evaluated through a blind review by the scientific committee. To highlight is the possibility of publishing in magazine Superavit - Revista de Gestão & Ideias.

The program will allow students and other interested to keep up to date with different approaches and perspectives on topics of utmost interest for their training and future professional careers, such as: personal development, financing instruments, social entrepreneurship, competition, sustainable development, multiculturalism and technological innovation.

We want this event to be another initiative where our students have an enriching experience, focused on a business reality, where they are intended to be inserted successfully. Your success is the success of all of us.

We appeal to an active and committed participation of the entire academic community and invite all stakeholders from the academic and business community to join us in this space for reflection, debate and fellowship, which can also contribute to the development of the region and the country.


Francisco Carvalho,                                   

ESGT Director/Assistant Professor